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Hello everyone, my name is Pascal Chenot I work as ski instructor since 1985. I learnt very early to ski (3 years) and I made it a job and a lifestyle. I like my work, the mountain environment, people, nature and seasonal worker's life. I propose you my services to accompany you and make you discover the mountain. For the people who begin I have a very soft, evolutionary and effective method; For other levels also, by the technique and the good choice of ground, I will make you progress and evolve uninhibitedly on track or off-piste skiing, in ski as snowboard.

I let you discover my program and get in touch with me for further information. Good stay to all.


People Price
1 to 2 ==> 45€ /hour
3 to 4 ==> 50€ /hour

For more (price depending on number of people) :
Half day (3h minimum, 4h possible)
Complete day, 7 to 8 hours (from 350€ to 400€)
Whole week, includes 6 half-day or 6 complete days.

Then a morning of 3 hours during a week (6 days) will equal to :
810€ for 1 to 2 people
900€ for 3 to 4 people


I practise the snowboard since 1985, my first season in Grands Montets. This instrument of glide is brilliant and very easy to maneuver.

Its shape and its size make it practical to discover and evolve in powdery (it was conceived for that!).
I invite you to learn it, technique for track and off-piste skiing !


I began the ski when I was 3 years, I have no memories of this time! I am sure that the ski is one of best activities for the children: fast evolution, Decision-making and the pleasure of the speed and its control, all the elements To create the initiative and be pleased in a magnificent natural environment.
It is with great pleasure that I accompany your children on track and off-piste skiing in complete safety.


To learn to ski is not so simple, the fact of having family responsibilities and professionals do not facilitate the looseness.

I have a cool method to begin, solid bases and the time(weather) when are needed for they acquire and that for all the levels!


To discover the mountain otherwise, full of small paths in wood in add of the station, the mountain with fewer rumours, less speed and listen to the nature. Quiet Marche.


Eat, drink and ride under the moon light.
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One more word

Don't hesitate to join me by mail to get further informations.
I wish you nice holidays at Flaine and on le Grand Massif.

Pascal Chenot : pascal.skiorganisation@yahoo.fr / +33 6 50 20 08 88


On the adventure way

Always with the smile